RC 76* Kann ich im Busen heisse Wünsche tragen

  • Günderrode, Karoline von
  • January 1, 1907 - December 31, 1907

In 1907 Diepenbrock orchestrated several of his earlier songs for alto and piano. Most likely in January he took up Kann ich im Busen heisse Wünsche tragen (Can I Carry Hot Desires in My Heart, RC 55). However, only one page of the orchestration of this song containing four measures has been transmitted. Like the orchestrated version of Mignon (see RC 77), it shows his preference for a large wind section, in this case two flutes, oboe and English horn, two clarinets and bass clarinet and horn. In these measures the strings consist of only first and second violins and violas, which is not surprising considering the register of this passage. The solo of the English horn – an instrument he often prescribes – is characteristic of Diepenbrock.

Désirée Staverman