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poet : Verhagen, Balthazar

RC 101 Marsyas, of De betooverde bron

instrumentation: incidental music for spoken voices and orchestra ♦ Various influences can be found in Verhagen’s Marsyas, of De betooverde bron. In the autumn of 1908 he had become acquainted with Friedrich Nietzsche’s Die Geburt der Tragödie aus dem Geiste der Musik…

RC 103* Blijde intrede (“Gedenk weer ’t verleden”)

instrumentation: soprano or tenor and orchestra ♦ At the end of May 1910, a month after Princess Juliana’s first birthday, she was to be presented to the citizens of Amsterdam. The programme included a festive tour through the capital, whereby the Co…

RC 118 Lydische nacht (“Langs ruige rotsen, door verwarde wingerd-ranken”)

instrumentation: baritone/recitor and orchestra ♦ Lydische nacht (Lydian Night), Diepenbrock’s last symphonic song on a poem by his ex-pupil Balthazar Verhagen (1881-1950), is unique in his oeuvre: it is the only work not written for the theatre that…

RC 123 Landstormlied (“Waak op, Nederland”)

instrumentation: solo voice and piano ♦ With great enthusiasm Diepenbrock outlined a remarkable plan in a letter to Balthazar Verhagen of 5 August 1915: