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dedicatee : Sterck, J.F.M. (Jan)

RC 9 Blij stond de zon

instrumentation: contralto, mixed choir and piano for four hands ♦ Diepenbrock composed Blij stond de zon (Joyfully Stood the Sun) for the wedding of one of his college friends, Jan Sterck (1859-1941). In 1877 Sterck enrolled at the Law department of the University o…

RC 10 Vijftiende-eeuwsch bruyloftslied (“Heer Jezus in der bruyloft quam”)

instrumentation: vocal quartet or mixed choir a cappella ♦ Like Blij stond de zon (Joyfully Stood the Sun, RC 9), Diepenbrock composed the Vijftiende-eeuwsch bruyloftslied (Fifteenth-Century Wedding Song) for the wedding of his college friend Jan Sterck. Both…