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instrumentation : contralto and piano

RC 12 Mignon (“Kennst du das Land”)

instrumentation: contralto and piano ♦ Diepenbrock’s earliest compositions include five songs on texts by Goethe. Two of them, the ballads Mignon and Der König in Thule (The King in Thule, RC 16) date from 1886. After a revision by the com…

RC 14 Meinacht (“Ik zag in ’t grondloos blauw de sterren vonken”)

instrumentation: contralto and piano ♦ Diepenbrock does not mention the sonnet Meinacht (May Night) anywhere in his letters. It was written by Hélène Swarth (1859-1941) in memory of the poet Jacques Perk, who died at a young age. Diepenbro…