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performer : Mengelberg, Willem

RC 78 Der König in Thule (“Es war ein König in Thule”)

instrumentation: contralto and orchestra ♦ The ballads Mignon (RC 12) and Der König in Thule (The King in Thule, RC 16), composed in 1884 and 1886 respectively, were orchestrated shortly after each other in February and March 1907 at the reque…

RC 80 Recueillement (“Sois sage, ô ma Douleur, et tiens-toi plus tranquille”)

instrumentation: contralto or mezzo-soprano and orchestra ♦ Recueillement (Contemplation) is the first song Diepenbrock orchestrated immediately after completing the piano version (RC 79). The earliest manuscript was ready on 17 July 1907. The neat copy he mad…

RC 106 Die Nacht (“Rings nun ruhet die Stadt”)

instrumentation: mezzo-soprano and orchestra ♦ Unlike the other early Romantic German poets whose poems Diepenbrock set to music, Friedrich Hölderlin (1770-1843) is only mentioned in his correspondence when his poetry inspired the composer to writ…