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performer : Hekking-Cahen, Julie

RC 97 Puisque l’aube grandit

instrumentation: mezzo-soprano (or baritone) and piano ♦ Puisque l’aube grandit (Since Dawn Awoke) is the fourth song Diepenbrock wrote on a text by Paul Verlaine. The poem is from the collection La bonne chanson (The Good Song) that had been given to Diepe…

RC 99 Mandoline (“Les donneurs de sérénades”)

instrumentation: mezzo soprano and piano ♦ The first sketch of Diepenbrock’s setting of Verlaine’s Mandoline (Mandolin) dates from 7 June 1909. On p. 16 of sketchbook C-10 the contours of the opening melody of the voice, in the key of D major,…