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performer : Versteegh, Marie

RC 132 Incantation (“Mets ta main dans ma main”)

instrumentation: mezzo soprano and piano ♦ On 13 September 1916 the mezzo-soprano Marie Versteegh (1884-1953) visited Diepenbrock at his home in Laren, where she sang through Beiaard (Carillion, RC 129) and the only just completed Belges, debo…

RC 134 Dors, mon gâs

instrumentation: solo voice and piano ♦ In September 1916 Diepenbrock befriended Marie Versteegh (1884-1953), the mezzo-soprano who inspired him to write Incantation (RC 132). The singer owned a copy of the chanson Dors, mon gâs! (Sleep, My…